Peter Bregman often operates at the junction between art and science. He has a deep background in audio electronics that began when he apprenticed under master audio tech Eddie Ciletti. He later worked at the esteemed Great River Electronics, and then joined with a business partner to start Resonant Electronic Design. He has designed, built, and/or repaired countless audio processors, instruments, and sonic tools. In doing so, he found magic in the way modern equipment allows one to shape sound with electrons and magnets. Despite a technical background, he never lost his sense of awe and wonder.

In addition to designing and building musical equipment, Bregman is also an accomplished audio engineer. He has tracked, mixed, and mastered projects by numerous artists across North America. While the genres and techniques have varied widely, Bregman's dedication to capturing organic tones and making human-sounding recordings has prevailed. His background in technology enabled him to be creative with the equipment used, including modifying and creating entirely new tools when necessary.

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