Peter Bregman began playing drums and percussion at 12 years old. In addition to playing in both a concert band and with a number of rock and pop bands, Bregman also  took courses in African and Middle Eastern drumming traditions.  In college he minored in music, focusing on arrangement for jazz. As his musical career progressed, he branched out to playing keyed instruments. In the pop project, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, he utilized a Fender Rhodes running though various effects pedals and layered synth pads to create sweeping sonic atmospheres.

With their debut EP, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays explored minimalist forms and repetition in the context of  pop music. Minneapolis music blog, Gimme Noise, said, "The Water, The Wave brings to mind early Mazzy Star mixed with Air. The first single "Burn Me Through" takes you on an astral journey, leaving you in that space of consciousness you find in the moments right before falling asleep."

For their full-length, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays experimented with more modern production techniques and enlisted the help of respected producer Joe Mabbot. New Noise Magazine said, "This first LP rewires psyche-rock and dream-pop ideas into a downtempo, rhythmic and groove based affair that defies easy classification and warrants repeated listens. ★★★★✩" 

Bregman continues to create pop and rock music while simultaneously pursuing ambient and avant garde composition. In doing so, each informs the other and allows him to break new sonic ground. 

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